October and November can be slightly strange months. On the one hand, summer is over and for most of us, there isn’t much hope of time off until the Christmas holidays. On the other hand, it’s also a wonderful time of renewal as the air gets cooler, the leaves change colour, and we make space in our wardrobes for some fabulous new season items. And with renewal comes rejuvenation, making the autumn season a wonderful time to enjoy some real ‘you’ time before the mad rush that comes in December. In this light, the My Cyprus Insider team has narrowed down some great little spots to head to in the capital to lift your spirits and make you feel as good as new!


1. Aelia Wellness

Just outside the city in the Tseri district of Nicosia, this wellness haven was created with one main intention in mind: to transport your body, mind, and spirit into pure bliss and serenity. All about holistic healing, it’s the perfect hideaway to return to happiness – something which is at the very heart of the Aelia philosophy. Whether you wish to indulge in yoga, healthy dining, meditation, or a whole range of treatments, Aelia Wellness Retreat also boasts meticulously designed rooms to stay the night, oozing natural elegance with detailed woodwork throughout, all accentuated by unique glamorous touches.




While the whole place is a real treat for the senses, there are a number of wellness-oriented treatments and rituals on offer at the Cocoon spa, aimed at soothing, restoring and revitalizing body and mind, using the finest products to cater to your unique needs. We opted for the ultimate aromatherapy treatment; one of the most popular body treatments on offer that relaxes the mind and soul.

First up, the therapist will help you choose an essential oil by the famous Aromatherapy Associates geared towards your physical and emotional needs. Then comes a head-to-toe treatment working with pressure points, combining Swedish, neuromuscular and lymphatic drainage techniques drawn from a fusion of eastern and western practices, promoting healing of body, mind and spirit. You’ll feel as though you’re walking on air once you’ve had your treatment but, worry not, there are plenty of gorgeous spots to enjoy a nibble or drink as you take in the natural world in all its glory at Aelia before you head home.

Where? 150 Grigoriou Afxentiou, Tseri, Nicosia district. Tel: (+357) 22-015590


2. Amarylis

You may not have known that this fabulous place exists if it wasn’t for word of mouth, with people who love to care for their skin raving about the treatments carried out by Ewelina Frankowska; a master of cosmetology specialised in skin problems. Not only is her little Amarylis spa a tranquil escape in the city, but she offers some of the very best treatments available to keep your skin in tip-top shape. And if you have acne view fine lines and pigmentation, Ewelina specialises in targeted therapies to heal, rejuvenate and transform the skin, including mesotherapy, ultrasound and microcurrent treatments. What’s more, all products used are based on natural and active ingredients.



After the long hot summer, we opted for an illuminating vitamin C therapy based on pure vitamin C, glycolic acid from sugar cane, lactic acid from milk and citric acid. Totally safe for the skin due to the low percentage of acids, the treatment not only makes the skin feel smooth and baby soft, it also stimulates collagen production, with vitamin C being one of the strongest antioxidants for your skin.

The illuminating vitamin C therapy begins with a relaxing welcoming touch. Following makeup removal, a mix of pure vitamin C and alpha hydroxy acids are applied on the skin for 15 minutes. You’ll feel a tingling sensation, but it’s nothing too intrusive, and while the mix is working its magic, Ewelina sends you into seventh heaven with a neck, shoulder and head massage to release all tension. A vitamin C facial booster follows, applied along with a vitamin C algae mask combined with arm massage. The next day, and the days that follow, your skin will look better than ever, especially if you have oily or slightly pigmented skin!

Where? Riga Fereou, Nicosia. Tel: (+357) 97-616700


3. Quick Spa

Feeling stressed as you’re dashing about running errands in town? What we like about this place is that it is exactly what it says it is – a quick spa in the city (with a branch in both Nicosia, Larnaca and Limassol) for the modern-day professional that doesn’t have too much time to spare. Fancy a pedicure? You can dash in and out for pretty toes or hands. How about getting your hair styled if you’re off somewhere special? Sorted! And do you fancy a shoulder and back massage? Or are your feet tired? A dedicated treatment will wash away the tension of the day.



Famed for their exceptional massages, with specialised therapists from the Far East, many head to Quick Spa for their signature Thai massages including the very popular fusion massage with oil. We tried out one of their newest additions to the list of Thai therapies – the Royal Lu Ba Kop. A gorgeous treatment for those who are feeling a little stressed or under the weather, it’s also ideal for anyone suffering from insomnia. The treatment starts with a ritual foot bath, followed by a full body massage using special hot pockets filled with aromatic herbs that soothe muscular pains and make skin look brighter. Perfect for when the weather starts to get a little chilly, you’ll feel your whole body warm up and tension melt away. All about helping you regain your lost energy and glow, we guarantee you’ll walk away feeling incredibly relaxed in both mind and body.


Where? 8A Mnasaidou Street, Nicosia (tel: +357 22- 422422), 161 Arch. Makariou III Avenue Akapnitis Court, 1st Floor, Limassol (tel: +357 25-111777) and 27B Makarios III Avenue, Larnaca (tel: +357 24- 651000)


4. Infinity Spa

Set in a beautiful old house in a peaceful neighbourhood in Nicosia, Infinity Spa offers all sorts of beauty treatments along with specialised medical treatments for face and body, with a doctor also on hand to deal with any medical skin treatments you may be interested in. We opted for one of their top facial treatments – the ‘Facial Tripple Effect’ that deep cleanses the skin, tightens the pores and helps with overall rejuvenation. The treatment begins with an Argil scrub to remove dirt and impurities, with a layer of fruit acids slathered on the skin once the once the mask has been removed, in order to exfoliate and whiten the skin.



A wonderfully relaxing lymphatic facial massage then clears toxins and improves blood circulation. An anti-aging caviar mask with omega 3 and omega 6 follows, and once removed, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C are applied on the skin for deep moisture. Not only will your skin feel soft and vibrant, but there won’t be a blackhead in sight following this special treatment. The spa also stocks a great selection of products, with an emphasis on top brands including formaldehyde and paraben free formulas.


Where? 6 Daidalou St, Agioi Omologites, Nicosia. Tel: (+357) 22-316294.