Every now and again, the My Cyprus Insider team comes across an unusual venue that we can’t quite believe wasn’t previously on our radar. And the gorgeous little Livadia Craft of Caning Museum has certainly surprised and inspired us with equal measure.

Rightly celebrated as one of the most innovative little museums in the Larnaka region, visitors are taken on a wonderful journey deep into the world of traditional cane and reed weaving. We particularly love the way in which the region’s district craft has been very cleverly incorporated into the interior design of the venue itself (the cane walls will no doubt leave a lasting impression!).


Photo credit: Photo Romos Kotsonis for Larnaka Tourism Board

Offering a truly interactive way to discover the region’s history and culture, kids will love  the immersive experience, and adults will no doubt be impressed with how much creativity has been poured into the place. A real labour of love, the Livadia Municipality was determined to create a space that would preserve and showcase the area’s basketry ‘calamoti’ tradition before it disappears. And we find out that although the ‘calamoti’ tradition was once fundamental to the livelihood of the villagers, it is now sadly only practiced by a handful of women.


Photo Romos Kotsonis for Larnaka Tourism Board

Take a walk around the museum and check out the traditional tools exhibited and lovely baskets on display. There’s also plenty of information to take in and a photographic exhibition to feast your eyes on. Do keep in mind that you can even take a tour of the museum from the comfort of your own home by clicking here for a virtual experience.


Where? 1 Dikaiosinis, Livadia village. Tel: +357 2482 1740 / 9920 8000

cover photo: Photo Romos Kotsonis for Larnaka Tourism Board